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Founded in 1943 in Fremont, Ohio, Crown Foam Technologies is a worldwide manufacturer of PVC (vinyl) foams, SBR (synthetic) latex foam rubber and latex foam rubber. We specialize in both commodity-type foams and unique formulations to meet customer specifications.

Crown Foams supplies our foam solutions to global markets in more than 50 countries. We have accomplished this worldwide presence thru our dedication to creating solutions no matter the market or application.

Today we supply every major OEM market in North America and other continents around the world. Our product solutions are being used in Automotive, Construction, Medical, Consumer, Appliance and other markets.

Many of our product solutions were designed by our technical team to meet a specific performance solution. For this reason, we have dozens of active product solutions.

We continue development of new product solutions to meet the evolving market as we recognize new challenges need to be solved.

Contact Crown Foam Technologies to help you with your foam products solutions.

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